Ben Bowman
Ben Bowman Profile
"aka Bowman the Showman"
Occupation Pirate
Faction Marceline Guild
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Ben Bowman is a member of the Marceline Guild.

"Bowman is new to the art of piracy but he’s getting his sea legs quickly. He’s also fresh enough to the Caribbean that there’s still much he has not seen. What he lacks in experience he makes up with eagerness and a quick smile. It’s this outgoing nature and his impromptu performances on the streets and taverns that have earned him the nickname, “Bowman the Showman”.

Ben Bowman was born in London to the famed Bowman circus family. At a young age, Ben and his family of acrobats traveled around Europe performing in a circus owned by his family for generations. His father was the lead acrobat as well as a skilled swordsman. Ben’s mother threw daggers with amazing accuracy that thrilled crowds from Dublin to Rome. Ben soon became his own act, riding a fast horse, and performing knife tricks that surpassed his own parents. After playing almost all of Europe, they took the entire circus to the Caribbean. In gale force winds, their ship ran aground on an uncharted island not far from Tortuga. The shipwreck destroyed all of their circus props. After they were rescued, Ben’s family returned to London to rebuild the circus – except Ben. He fell in love with the islands and the daughter of a poor Port Royal farmer. She loved him as well but her father had other plans. Ben was devastated, but later they reunited and have kept their love a secret. Ben is learning the craft of sailing and piracy and was asked to join the Marceline guild because he’s fearless and can climb the ship’s rigging like a monkey." - From Pirates Online


  • Overall Level: 44
  • Cannon: 25
  • Sailing: 26
  • Cutlass: 30
  • Pistol: 30
  • Doll: 30
  • Dagger: 30
  • Grenade: 28
  • Staff: 30


  • Crimson Trident / War Galleon
  • Renegade Queen / War Galleon

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