Weapon Card
Break attack Dark Curse Rank 3
Boost(s) Endurance +5
Unique ability Sure Footed Rank 3
Attack power 101
Location Looted from Raven's Cove or Isla Tormenta
Rarity Legendary
Required level Sword 30
Value 428 Gold
Weapon Model
DavyJones H

The Behemoth Blade is a very powerful Legendary Cursed Broadsword. While being primarily oriented toward Defensive capabilities, this blade is very well capable in dispatching large groups of enemies with ease.

This weapon has access to the Dark Curse skill, allowing for it's User to half the incoming damage taken for a period of time. It also has the very useful Sure Footed ability which prevents the user from being knocked down by Stumps, Fire Bats, and Powder Keg Runners.

As well, this ability comes in handy during PvP, as other Pirates using weapons with the Hurricane Slash Ability will be unable to knock you down.

This phenomenal blade also has an Endurance Boost of +5, tying with Lost Blade of Leviathan & Viper's Kiss for enabling a pirate to have the highest Health Pool in the game (With correct skills upgraded) giving a Mastered Pirate the most Health a pirate can have in the game at a staggering 3727 Max HP!

Game Notes

  • This weapon shares its weapon model with the infamous World Eater Blade, in which it may be mistaken for at a glance.
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