Weapon Card
Beckett's Pistol Card
Attack Ability Not in the Face! Rank 3
Boost(s) Dodge +3
Steel Shot +3
Attack Power 85
Barrels 1
Location Looted from Neban the Silent
Range Medium
Rarity Legendary
Required Level Gun 30
Value 365 Gold
Weapon Model

Beckett's Pistol is a Legendary Pistol once belonging to the notorious Cutler Beckett.

This exquisitely designed firearm was crafted by members of the Abu Nar Clan for Lord Beckett himself, before their summary execution to prevent them from making more which might have been used against him.

It was gifted to Neban the Silent, one of the most lethal killers in the Black Guard in reward for his service.

It has the Not in the Face! ability, which may make an enemy stop attacking a pirate. Also, if the pirate is running away, there is a chance the enemy will not follow.

This pistol ties with Mercer's Pistol for the highest attack of any pistol. The +3 boost to the Dodge skill and +3 boost to Steel Shot help increase a pirate's chance to avoid ranged attacks as well as make this weapon even more deadly.

Game Note

This item was not included in Pirates Online but added in The Legend of Pirates Online.

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