Weapon Card
Battle bayonet clearer
Break Attack Bayonet Rush Rank 1
Boost(s) Bayonet Stab Boost +1
Unique Ability Critical Strike Rank 2
Attack Power 43
Barrels 1
Group War Bayonet Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Range Long
Rarity Rare
Required Level 14
Value 117 Gold
Weapon Model

The Battle Bayonet is a well-crafted, Rare Weapon. This Bayonet grants the user Bayonet Rush and Critical Strike abilities, along with a boost to the Bayonet Stab melee attack skill. Bayonet Stab cannot be upgraded normally.

Weapon Group: Battle Bayonets

War Bayonet Group

Combat Bayonet Battle Bayonet War Bayonet

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