Stick Pirates
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This guide is to help with all pirates needing a good level spot 1-50 from Cuba to Padres, from The Catacombs, to El Patron's mine I will be giving some tips on land combat areas and how to level up better.

Port royal dock

The Old Port Royal

Port Royal

Average Levels (Island ) - 1-11

Sword Lv1- Lv11

Gun Lv1-Lv3/4

Doll Lv1-12

Dagger Lv1-Lv9

Grenade Lv1-7

Staff Lv1-7

The Island is very basic and very easy to level up on in early stages. For Sword they have Fort charles where you can defeat a couple enemies, a good strategy is always pick up 2-4 crew members to help you along the way, they spawn from levels 2-25!

Fort Charles enemies:

Cadet Veteran Mercenary Hired Gun Marine

The island has caves such as Kings Run, Murkey Hallow, Governers Garden, Royal Caverns, and Wicked Thicket all have the those enemies ( Including officer) The highest level cave being Royal Caverns has plenty of Healers along the path for pirates that are in the middle of fights.

Kings Run is almost like an expansion of Port Royal Graveyard, only a level or 2 higher for those new pirates looking to get there sword up in the levels. The Undead Include:

Undead Gravedigger - Undead Brute - Undead Pirate - Undead Bandit - Undead Muiteneer

Others : Cave Bats - Swamp Alligators

Murkey Hollow , Kings Run and Wicked Thicket are the other forests/caves And are very good to level on for both sword, gun and Voodoo doll and are not very large caves. Murkey Hollow has a good spot to defeat a boss with 2-3 brigands surrounding it, but be aware of health because They do attack well against Level10-12 so it doesnt make a long trip to go cave to caves. You Can enter, Kings Run, Governers Garden, and Wicked Thicket by traveling through the island.


Tortuga Layout
Average Levels - Level 3 - Level 13

Sword : Level 2 - Level 12

Gun : Level 4 - Level 8

Voodoo Doll : Level 2 - 10

Dagger - Level 1 - 11

Grenade Lv 1 - 10

Staff Lv 1 - 7

Caves : Rat's Nest - Tortuga Graveyard - Misty Mire - Thieves Den

Toruga isn't a very Reputationial island. It is mostly ment for picking up crew members, Fun at the bars or shops around towns. The Caves are the big Leveling part. In Misty Mire it will be a big rise up for your Level (Level 9 - Level 12 Notoriety) It has Levels From 9-16 Including General Hex a strong level 25 Voodoo doll boss.


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