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Basic Access was a non-paying membership for Pirates Online.

Pirates who were Basic Access could be identified by their name being in gray, as opposed to blue for Unlimited Access.

Basic Access pirates were somewhat limited. A basic player could create an account and play up to 2 created pirates. But, they could only go up to Level 14 in Notoriety and Level 7 in any Skill.

They also could only use Crude items, (but still collect common, rare, famed, and legendary items - including Cursed Blades). They were unable to use the items unless the account was upgraded to Unlimited Access which allowed full access to all game features - if they found any item that was not crude, there was an 'Unlimited Access Only' note on the bottom of the item card.

Game Notes

  • There are Weapon Upgrade Quests for Unlimited Access players to complete, so that they may have better crude weapons during the time they are Basic Access.
  • As long as you were an Unlimited Access player and completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest, you will still be able to loot Cursed Weapons, as an Unlimited Access or Basic Access player.
  • If a player was an Unlimited Access player and completed the Black Pearl Story Quest, and their Unlimited Access time ran out, they could still participate in the Black Pearl Boss Battle, but they would have to launch the invitation themselves.
  • If a player does not maintain their Unlimited Account, their pirate will return to Basic Access. Their Notoriety level will remain, but all Unlimited items will be locked.
  • If a player has Unlimited Access and is a Guildmaster, but the time on it runs out, the player will not lose her/his Guildmaster rank.
  • If a player has Unlimited Access Ships and becomes Basic Access, they will not lose their ships, but they will be unable to access them.
  • A Basic Access player can only have access to light class ships.