Bane Dolls are a type of Voodoo Doll that uses dark voodoo, they are similar to Dark Staves. They generally focus on the evil, dark side of the voodoo arts, and many of them can fill your allies with rage or hypnotize your enemies.

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Abilities of Bane Dolls

Bane Dolls have several abilities that no other dolls have, the ability that a Bane Doll has is normally specific to its Weapon Group.

Red Fury

Cutlass bladestorm
Red Fury is a Weapon Skill that gives a pirate the ability to increase the attack power of other pirates by filling them with rage. This ability comes with all Bane Dolls bought from Gypsies along with the Privateer Dolls.

Spirit Guard

Grenade determination
Spirit Guard is a Weapon Skill that gives a pirate the ability to protect other pirates from combat attacks. This ability is found on all of the Crypt Dolls.

Not in the Face!

Sail openfire2
Not in the Face! is an ability held by not only Voodoo Dolls, but other weapons as well. A pirate who uses it may be able to get an enemy to stop attacking them, and attack any other pirate attacking the enemy. This ability is found on all of the Mind Control Dolls.

Types of Bane Dolls

Crypt Dolls

Crypt Doll Group

Skeleton Doll Cemetery Voodoo Doll CryptDoll Carrion Doll Revenant-doll Tomb King Doll

Dark Voodoo Dolls

Dark Voodoo Group

DarkVoodooDoll ShadowVoodooDoll ForbiddenVoodooDoll

Mind Control Dolls

Domination Group

HypnoticDoll Manipulation Doll Mind Control Doll - clearer Domination Doll - clearer

Privateer Dolls

Warmonger Doll Group

Swashbuckler Doll Card Buccaneer Doll Card Mutineer Doll Card Privateer Doll Card Warmonger Doll Card

Unholy Dolls

Villainy Doll Group

EvilDoll Wicked doll Unholy Doll - clearer Villainy doll - clearer Tyranny Doll

Buyable Bane Dolls

Fury Doll Rage Doll Grudger Doll Vengeful Doll
Wrath Doll

Other Bane Dolls

GhoulDoll Ugly Voodoo Doll Zombie Doll

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