Bandanas are crude hats for both male and female pirates. They really are nothing more than a piece of cloth tied around or over the head of the wearer to protect it from the harsh Caribbean sun. They can be bought in a variety of colors from select tailors and from a few clothing quests. Unique and usually much brighter colors of this item can only be found in loot drops from enemies. These include bright blue, navy blue, bright green, forest green, magenta, bright yellow, bright orange, lavender, dark black, and bright red. 

Loot Variations

(Colors only available from loot drops)

Bright Blue Bright Green Bright Orange Bright Red Bright Yellow
Dark Black Forest Green Lavender Magenta Navy Blue

Store Variations

(Colors available for purchase from a tailor; may also be found in loot drops)

  • Note: Even though the resale spot says 150 gold in these photos, the resale value for all variations of this item remains at 7 gold.
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