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Bad Mojo
Skeleton 4
Enemy type Undead Witchdoctor
Faction Undead
Health 1,750-4,250
Level(s) 6-11
Location(s) Murky Hollow, King's Run, Governor's Garden, Tortuga Graveyard, Wildwoods
Weapon(s) used Voodoo Doll

Bad Mojo is an Undead Witchdoctor Boss spotted in various locations around Port Royal, even showing up during invasions.


  • Appearing at levels ranging from 6-11, Mojo is a danger to newer pirates.
  • Bad Mojo can use Poke, Swarm and Curse voodoo attacks.


Game Notes

Mojo often refers to a magic spell, hex or charm. Bad Mojo is another way of saying evil or cursed magic / voodoo.

Bad Mojo

Portrait by Molly Badbones

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