Weapon Card
Screenshot 2012-07-18 16-09-32
Break attack Dagger Rain 2
Boost(s) Asp +1
Attack power 23
Group Tribesman Group
Location Loot
Rarity Rare
Required level Dagger 14
Value 46 Gold
Weapon Model
Dirk D

Aztec Throwing Knives are Rare Throwing Knives, said to have been used by Aztec warriors. They give the user the Skill, Dagger Rain (Break Attack,) along with a +1 Asp skill boost.

They can be found in Loot

Weapon Group: Tribesman Knives

Assassion's Throwing Knifes Group

Hunter's Throwing Knives - clearer Aztec Throwing Knives Marksman's Knives - clearer Amazon Knives - clearer Assassin's Knives - clearer

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