Skill Attune

Attune (Verb)

To connect an enemy or friend to a voodoo doll, so hexes can be used on them.

Attune (Skill)

This is an ability to attune a target to use a voodoo doll on. The number of targets a pirate can attune at the same time, depends on their Attune level (1-5). When the pirate first received their doll, they automatically have an Attune skill of 1.

Using Attune

Voodoo attune
To use a voodoo doll, the user must touch it to an enemy or ally first.

This means the doll must make contact with the friend or foe first. A pirate just has to get close enough and press CTRL or left-mouse button. Once the target is attuned, they can have voodoo spells placed on them.

The name and health of attuned targets will appear on the right-side of the screen. Hex effects will be divided amongst the targets attuned.

If the pirate is too far from the target or they are hit with certain attacks, attunement will be lost. Also, certain attacks on the pirate can cause the attunements to be dropped. All attunements will be broken when the pirate puts the doll away. A pirate can also unattune a target by clicking on the target's name on the right side of their screen.

If a pirate has a doll with the skill Evil Eye, he or she is able to attune one or more targets from a far distance.

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