Weapon Card
Asp's Den Knives Card
Boost(s) Asp +1
Healing ability Healing Boost 1
Infinite ammo Infinite Asp 1
Attack power 9
Group Den Knives Group
Location Loot
Rarity Common
Required level 8
Value 5 Gold
Weapon Model
Dirk A

Asp's Den Knives are a Common set of Throwing Knives and are the first Weapon of the the Den Knives Group. These Common Throwing Knives give the Healing Boost Weapon Skill which uses Voodoo Power to heal the user of these knives.

When using these knives a pirate will never run out of Asp dagger ammo as these knives provide an infinite amount. The +1 boost to the Asp skill helps make these knives even more deadly.

Den Knives Group

Asp's Den Knives Card Adder's Den Knives Card Sidewinder's Den Knives Card Viper's Den Knives Card

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