Dagger throw

Asp is a basic throwing Dagger. With this skill, a pirate throws a small knife at a targeted enemy. Though it is not a powerful strike, it allows an attack from a ranged distance, and slows an enemy's advance for a few seconds.Once you have unlocked it push the 1 key or click on the asp icon to send the dagger flying!

Once the pirate has this ability, they can purchase additional Asps at any blacksmith. This skill can also be used to break voodoo doll attunements, interrupt the casting of Voodoo Staff spells, Grenade charges, and Pistol, Blunderbuss, Musket, and Bayonet charges.

Increasing this ability increases the amount of damage.

Rank Damage Slow
1 18 to 35 6 seconds
2 22 to 43 7 seconds
3 26 to 52 9 seconds
4 31 to 61 10 seconds
5 35 to 70 12 seconds
Only with Asp Boost
6 ? ?
7 42 to 83 12 seconds
8 44 to 87 12 seconds

To throw an Asp, have your dagger drawn and press 1 or click the Aspskill icon. It will take several seconds for this skill to reset.


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