Weapon Card
Arctic Throwing Knives
Attack Ability 46
Boost(s) Dagger Whirlwind Rank 3

Blade Instinct +3 Viper's Nest +3

Cost 350 Small Moonstones, 250 Large Moonstones, 10 Enchanted Moonstones
Location Yuletide Manor
Rarity Famed
Required Level Dagger 26
Value 231 Gold
Weapon Model

The Arctic Throwing Knives are a new set of Famed Throwing Knives added in the Yuletide Manor event update. They are similar to the Assassin's Throwing Knives in terms of strength, rarity, and even have the same resale value.

Game Note

These knives were added into The Legend of Pirates Online and were NOT a part of the original Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

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