Weapon Card
Amazon Knives - clearer
Break Attack Dagger Rain 3
Boost(s) Viper's Nest +2,
Asp +2
Attack Power 40
Group Tribesman Group
Location Loot
Rarity Famed
Required Level Dagger 21
Value 174 Gold
Weapon Model
Dirk D

Amazon Throwing Knives are powerful Famed Throwing Knives. These knives have the special Dagger Rain Break Attack, along with boosting the Asp and Viper's Nest skills.

Rumored to be used by tribes of the Amazon rain forest, they can only be found in Loot.

Weapon Group: Tribesman Knives

Assassion's Throwing Knifes Group

Hunter's Throwing Knives - clearer Aztec Throwing Knives Marksman's Knives - clearer Amazon Knives - clearer Assassin's Knives - clearer

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