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Abbott Winslow
East India Trading Company Emblem
Enemy type Hired-Gun
Faction East India Trading Company
Health 7,500-11,250
Level(s) 18-25
Location(s) Beckett's Quarry, El Sudoron, Catacombs, Kingshead Fort Charles,
Weapon(s) used Dagger

Abbott Winslow is a Hired-Gun boss working for Cutler Beckett as part of the Black Guard. He may appear in Fort Charles, Kingshead, or numerous East India outposts on Padres del Fuego

He appears at Level 18-25, making him a fairly dangerous adversary. He has also been spotted serving on EITC Barracuda Flagships.

Game Note

A Private Abbott Winslow at one time made appearances in Pirates Online as a GM-played character during East India events. Likely, this is the same fellow, just promoted to a new rank.

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