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Privateering Tips

SVS aka Ship vs. Ship aka Privateering is a big part of POTCO and below are some basics how

Fun SvS

someone can successful. EVERYONE SHOULD GIVE IT A TRY! The Main goal should always be to have fun and never try to harm others by verbal attacks or drama. All the fighting should be done on the open SvS seas. One of the most important things for any captain is to have a good crew. Whether your crew is from your close friends, guild, or public; it will always be better than having no crew. A tip would be to get used in SvS with your friends or guild so you can create your own individual team and build up on that.

The unofficial SvS server is Andaba due to being the busiest server with SvS and that is most likely where you find the best place to challenge your skills as well as learn new tactics. However that is now always the case as sometimes Abassa or Andoso(or some other server) might also be busy with SvS. This collection of SvS tips does not ensure a successful outcome every battle, but gives a clear understanding of the basics as well as intermediate maneuvres that should be done during SvS battles with other Pirates. It is advised that you always do what you believe is best to do for yourself and your crew.

Tips for sailors

1. Use your "Take Cover" skill wisely

  • Do NOT "OPEN FIRE" RIGHT AFTER YOU "TAKE COVER"- They cancel each other out.
  • WAIT UNTIL YOUR TAKE COVER IS FINISHED Then USE OPEN FIRE... or use open fire first then take cover
  • TAKE COVER as soon or BEFORE you hit yellow on your hull when in battle

· You may need to put on some damage to the enemy and move away from the battle to regain Take Cover again

2. Do NOT use any sailing skills points on "treasure sense" if you plan to stick to Privateering

  • Do not use more than 1 skill point on "come about" ------ they will not help you

3. Fight the weaker side of the enemy ship

· Another thing to keep in mind about fighting the enemy. A lot of ships like to stop in battle and duke it out. I think that if the other ship stops, that gives you an advantage on them. Keep moving forward and circle them coming around their aft you can put on a lot of damage and receive less damage to your own ship. This not only puts you at the advantage but them at the disadvantage because they will have to switch sides of the ship to shoot at you again. That is if you haven't sunk them by the time you made it around the other side. So, my opinion is to not stop, don't sail backwards and don't spin. Those things just slow you down and if you did damage them good and they are still moving, give them the advantage because they can hit ram or Full Sail and take off on you making it hard to finish the job you started. Also a waste of ammo trying to blast a ship from too far away.

4. Get a good crew - possibly with your friends

  • If you are having trouble finding friends or guild to come, than simply open ship to Public.

· This is a must and let’s not forget to not talk badly about others and create drama on your ship. This is supposed to be fun.

5. Hitting your opponent with "ramming speed" will help you for about 5 seconds.

· Ram should only be used as a last resort or if you catch them off guard. Captain should let the gunners do the work. They can pack way more damage that ram could.

6. When entering a battle, do not sail with the front of your ship straight into enemy but with a side facing them so your gunners have an angle to shoot.

· See number 5 above. Driving straight into your enemy not only leaves you at a disadvantage but can frustrate your gunners.

7. War Sloops, War Frigates and War Brigs are the BEST choice for SVS

  1. With a war sloop fight in midrange to far range with a crew. Also close range if you attack the weak side of the ship with gunners (BE QUICK)
  2. War Brigs are a mix of power and speed so with this you will do a good job
  3. With war frigate, get close or midrange so your broadsides can shoot at the same time as your crew is gunning

· Broads are good but shouldn't depend on them. It is easy to miss with broads if the other ship hits ram or Full Sail to pull away. Also, sometimes hard to figure the distance but that is something you learn as you go. I still say, let the gunners do the work. I can pack on some nasty damage with the right angle to shoot, even at a distance.

8. Always give your gunners a angle to gun, do not switch sides of attack to many times because your gunners going to be running from side to side instead of gunning

· Stopping and moving ship forward and reverse can through off your gunners aim. So continue forward and circle the enemy. If you can get a broadside to hit, all the better but don't count on it.

9. Know your enemy. Depending on the strength your enemy, you will know how to enter the battle and if to take it serious (fight close range or Far range) High starting bounty on enemy ship means strong ship.

· You may also need to adapt your sailing style to fight different ships with different methods. Also something learned as you go.

10. Similar skills cancel each other out therefore be careful not to cut off a skill to soon as you may use all your skills leaving you vulnerable. Time your skills and use the wisely.

  • As mentioned on #1 above, Open Fire cancels or stops or replaces Take Cover and vice versa. Take Cover is the more important skill.
  • Full sail, Ramming speed and Come About replace eachothers effect therefore be careful how you use them. Don't waste a 20 second skill by replacing it with another before that skills time is up. Only replace them when you see it most necessary.

11. Take on and sink one ship at a time. Doing some damage to one ship and then switching to another before sinking the first and repeating will add damage to your ship and weaken you without sinking anything and it will annoy your gunners as they will not be able to finish the job or sink a ship.

12. All ships sink. Best thing to do is get back and try again.

  • Learn from your mistake, remember your opponents movements and do your best to not repeat the same error.
  • Try a new stategy or better execute your previous stategy if you believe it will work.

13. Captains/Sailors should call which side they want the crew to fight on. This will help the organization of your own crew.

  • Words such as "Right Side" or "Left Side" or in short "RS" or "LS" can help with focusing your power on one side against you main opponent. This is also something you will learn as you SvS more and transofrm it into a useful tactic.
  • It is better if all gunners are in one side as the ship will be able to pull out mosre offesnive power.

14. MASTER YOUR SAILING- should be you’re first thing done before starting to sail in SvS.

· Not necessary a must but it will help as your skills might outlast your opponents.

Gunning Tips

1. In SVS "round, chain, grape, explosive" will NOT help much therefore do NOT use any "skill points" on them.

2. Shoot, Rapid reload, barrage, fury, fire and thunder are the main gunning skills/ammos in svs

3. If the ship is moving forward, shoot ahead of enemy ship.

  • As you see the movement of the opponents ship, you should be able to predict how far ahead to shoot so your shots land. This is something that is learned with time. Practice will only make you better.

'4'. Equip a good Cannon Ram

  • Don't forget your potions in dire need for more damage.
  • Cannon rams can be achieved in Cannon Defense

5. Find a good Captain/Sailor

  • Maybe your friends, guild or public ship.

6. Practice in public ships then as you get better you can go with better captains and your friends

  • Also asking some good captains to help you learn on a quiet server may help. Also, you can ask other ‘good’ gunners for help if you decide to be a gunner.

7. Gunners should listen to the Cpatains/Sailors orders.

  • If the sailor tell you to go to one side, than go to that side unless you are 100% sure it's wrong. Have faith in your captain.This will make sure the entire gunning squad is focusing in one ship at a time. This is also something that you get used to and learn how to do better over time.

8. MASTER YOUR CANNON- should be your first thing done before gunning in svs

  • This is a must as you can have a bigger variety of ammo's to use and do more damage.

-To practice your Aim or gunning skills, try shooting at NPC light sloops from distance. This will get you used to shooting Pirate ships in SvS from distance. This is just a minor tip as the real practice and skill will build with time in real SvS

Having a better angle

You always want to be at a position where your crew has it easy to shoot the opponent and your opponent's crew

Angle positions

has a bad angle to shoot you. Parallel sailing is common however not the best tactic because it puts the battle in completely in the hands of the crew. As a captain you should place yourself in the gunners’ position on the ship you are sailing so you know if you are on the wrong position and angle. The best angles or position against your opponent are kind of diagonal from the enemy where your side is not facing the enemy's side but their rear or front so their crew is vulnerable to shoot you. In other words, your crew(and broad sides) has an angle to shoot but theirs doesn't.

On the right is a vivid explanation of what I mean. Like I said these are just a few (means there is more positions than these) positions and this might not always work depending on your opponents skill and how he/she defends himself. Also it depends on your speed and experience to execute this action.

Attacking the Weaker Side

This is not just in svs but sailing overall. In svs however, this plays a major role in the amount of damage done to

SvS tip: Weaker hull side

your enemy and amount of damage received.

Like it is mentioned on the graphic on the right(-->)., it shows which side is more damaged therefore will receive a greater amount of damage from broadsides or crew ammunition. You should use the less damaged hull side to attack/defend and attack the more damaged hull side of the enemy ship.

SvS Sailing Skill Set Ups

For war frigate: Solo or with crew (Crew Recommended)

For sailing level 25-30

1. Broadside Left and Right: 3 to 5 skill points on each

  • also 5 skill points on round shot in cannon for broadside power

2. Full sail: 1-3 skill point

  • Hard to run with war frigate therefore don't need full sail much and running isn't fun

3. Come about: 1 skill point on each

4.Ramming Speed: 1-3 Skill Points

  • This does some damage to ships when hit but don't count on it.

4. Open fire: 3 skill points

5. Take cover: 5 skill points

6. Windcatcher and Task master: 5 skill points on each

7. Tacking: 3 skill points (need it for better turning)

For War Sloop:

For Sailing Level 25-30

1. Broadsides: 1 to 3 skill points on each

  • also 5 skill points on round shot in cannon to increase broadside power

2. Full sail: 3 to 5 skill points (sloops are fast)


3. Come about: 1 skill point

4. Open fire: 1 to 3 skill points

5. Ramming speed:1 to 3 skill points

6. Take cover: 5 skill points

7. Windcatcher: 4 or 5 skill points EACH

8. Tacking: 1 to 3 skill points (need it for good turning)

9. Taskmaster:1-5 skill points

For Sailing Level 20-25(Sail With a Crew)

1. Broadsides: 1 to 3 skill points on each -also 5 skill points on round shot in cannon to increase broadside power

2. Full sail: 3 or 4 skill points (sloops are fast)

3. Come about: 1 skill point

4. Open fire: 1 to 3 skill points

5. Ramming speed:1 to 2 skill points

6. Take cover: 5 skill points(a must)

7. Windcatcher: 4 or 5 skill points

8. Tacking: 1 or 2 skill points (need it for good turning)

For War Brig: Solo Or with a Crew(Crew Recommended)

For Sailing Level 25-30

1. Broadsides: 3 to 5 skill points on each

  • Also 5 skill points on round shot in cannon to increase broadside power
  • You may make one side stronger than the other and use that for most of the battle

2. Full sail: 3-5 skill points

3. Come about: 1 skill point

4. Open fire: 2-3 skill points

5. Ramming speed: 1-3 skill points

6. Take cover: 5 skill points(a must)

7. Windcatcher: 5 skill points

8. Tacking: 2 or 3 skill points (need it for good turning)

9. Taskmaster: 2-5 Skill Points

Cannon Skill Set Up

Cannon setup for Ship PvP is not as hard as sailing and this is in my opinion the best setup for SvS. It does the most damage and it’s most used by the "Great gunners".

Gunning: Level 25-30 Cannon

1. Shoot: 5 skill points (shoot faster)

2. Fire, Thunder, and Fury -- 5 skill points EACH

  • 5 skill points on round shot instead of fire if you are a sailor
  • if you do not have cannon mastered, just drop skill points from fire

3. Rapid Reload: 5 skill points (shoot faster)

4. Barrage: 5 skill points (more damage)

  • Only fire, thunder and fury are good for SvS*

    Gunning in SvS

Gunning: Level 20-25 Cannon

1. Shoot: 4 or 5 skill points

2. Rapid reload: 4 or 5 skill points

3. Barrage: 4 or 5 skill points

4. Lighting/Thunder: 4 or 5 skill points

5. Fury: 4 or 5 skill points

  • Use a fury or thunder cannon ram (can get them from cannon defense)*

Ship Customization- Recommended Upgrades

The Ship customization and upgrades have made SvS a lot more fun and though the upgrades have made big changes in SvS, the basic tactics remain the same. As mentioned above, the best ship and crew is the one you feel most comfortable sailing with. This recommendation is just to show the advantages of some upgrades over others. Due to the fact that the highest level of upgrades is level 6 hull upgrades, than that is what we will focus on mainly.


Below is my recommendation of level 6 upgrades that will most likely perform best in SvS. 1 is the highest recommended and 6 is the lowest. Note that these are mainly recommended for War Sloop upgrades that will be accompanied with crews.

Level 6 Upgrade Positive(s) Negative(s)
1.Fortune Hunter
  • Strong - 140% armor
  • Fast - 110% speed
  • Maneuverable - 110% turning
  • Balanced - Good ferformance overall against all types of upgrades
  • Not the fastest or strongest but due to its balance of enhancements, it is the most recommended for SvS
2.Skull and Bones
  • Strong - 165% armor
  • Maneuverable - 110 turning
  • Powerful - 50% fury broadsides
  • Normal speed- Fast ships might outrun you
  • Fastest - 120% Speed
  • Maneuverable - 110 speed
  • Powerful - 45% Thunfer broadsides
  • Good for far mainly far range due to its speed
  • Weak - 100% HP, lowest hull along with Firestom
  • Can be sunk faster at close range by armored ships
  • Fast - 114% speed
  • Most Maneuverable - 120% speed
  • Powerful - 60% fire broadsides
  • Good for maninly far range and moving around enemy ships
  • Weak - 100% HP, Lowest along with Stormchaser
  • Can be sunk faster at close range by armored ships
  • Strongest - 180% armor
  • Good for Solo Sailors and close range battles
  • Slow - 90% speed
  • Puts fast ship at adventage as they can move around it faster throwing copperhead off angle.

Note: these recomendations are mainly based for sailing with a crew of gunners.

Fortune Hunter

My main recommendation for hull upgrades would be Fortune Hunter. This is kind of ironic as it is intended for plunder but in SvS it will work great to plunder some bounty and score in SvS. This upgrade would go great in War Sloops sailed with a crew. This type of upgrade has two benefits over the speed ships which one would most likely think of using in SvS. The first being the 140% armor which makes this incredibly high in hull when compared with "Firestorm" or "Storm chaser". The second benefit is its 110 speed and 110 turning. The speed puts this ship in advantage over "Copperhead" and "Skull and Bones" with its speed and ahead of "Firestorm" and "Storm Chaser" with its 40% higher HP. Of course, you also have the 45% fire broadsides to aid your crew in battle. This upgrade works well for all war ships but it is recommended that you use a war sloop with a crew for maximum performance.

Skull and Bones

This upgrade would be great for both sailing with a crew or solo. This is mainly for War Frigates and War Brigs but can also be used for War Sloops. The benefits of this upgrade are the incredibly high armor, strong broadsides and the moderate 110% turning which can make a difference in outmaneuvering your opponent. Its 165% armor makes this ship a tank on water and when combined with its very powerful broadsides -50% fury- which on big ships can pull out a lot of damage. Since the speed of this ship does not change, it does not leave it very behind other upgrades which have speed.

Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser is a great upgrade for SvS however it really requires skill and a good crew for it to perform well. Due to its hull remaining the same throughout, it has the lowest hull along with Firestorm at level 6 hull upgrade. This is however the fastest ship upgrades therefore when combined with a crew it can be deadly with far range battles or moving around slower ships. It is very important that this upgrade is accompanied with a crew. This upgrade works best for War Sloops because they are fast and have a small size which makes them perfect for far range shooting where the gunners do most of the job. Remember that captains have an important role to keep it easy for the gunners to shoot the enemy down (see tips above).

Copperhead and Firestorm

Copperhead and Firestorm are each individually focused on either speed or armor. Copperhead is the strongest ship armor wise but the slowest ship while Storm chaser is the fastest with Firestorm not much behind. Because both Firestorm and Storm chaser are so very behind in armor from other upgrades, this puts them at a disadvantage in battle. Of course that is not the case if you have a great crew and you are very skillful in using the speed to your advantage. Copperhead is strong but very slow therefore this puts it in a disadvantage when other ships can go around shooting it. If you are to use Copperhead, it would work best for War Frigates or War Brigs(solo or with crew) while the two last speed upgrades would work best for War Sloops or War Brigs(even regular brigs... mainly with a crew on board gunning)


Again, you are advised to always use the ship which you believe will perform best with and that you are most comfortable sailing. You are also advised to have friends, guildies or public gunners on your cannons to help sink your opponents. As of now, the recommended level 6 upgrades for SvS are "Fortune hunter" and "Skull and Bones" due to their multiple advantages and Storm chaser if you have a good crew. But as mentioned countless times, you should use the upgrade you feel is better for your crew and you.


The recommended rigging upgrade will always be Take Cover(defense) Rigging 2 as Take Cover is perhaps the most important skill in SvS. Many times the battle will be decided upon whose Take Cover lasts longer. The longer this skill lasts in time, the more helpful it will prove to be. Make sure you follow the Sailing tips above to not cancel out Take Cover by using Open Fire.


The best upgrades for Solo sailors will be the armored Hull upgrades. In my opinion and the opinion of those who I have spoken with, the best upgrade for Solo Sailing is Skull and Bones (level 6) followed by either Copperhead (level 6) or Fortune Hunter (level 6). Skull and Bones is the leading solo upgrade due to its high armor(165%) and strong broadsides(50% fury). Another positive factor of Skull and Bones is that there is no speed reduction and a turning enhancement (110% turning). Copperhead is also a great Solo ship due to it's very high armor (180%). With alsmost double the original HP, Copperhead is very strong and can take a long time to sink while can do a lot of damage to other ships. Fortune Hunter is a balanced upgrade however it still has a considerable amount of armor (140%) therefore when combined with its speed, turning, and 45% fire broads make it a good ship even for Solo SvS sailing.

The upgrades mentioned above are recommended for using war ship and specifically War Frigates and/or War Brigs. That is because both ship classes are high in armor and have a good amount of broadsides which is the weapon of the Solo sailor. War Sloops are not recommended for Solo SvS because they are weaker and are best when using a crew. War Galleons are powerful but they are also a slow, huge target which makes them vulnerable to enemy shots.

SvS screenshots

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